Food Tour The Hague

A food tour is simply said: eating your way through the city! Through bites, drinks and stories we let you discover local food, venues, culture and daily life of The Hague.

In this 3,5 hour food tour we bring you to local venues, often small-businesses, and introduce you to the faces and stories behind those places. Consider us your local friend that shows you the side of town that you don’t read about in your travel guide.

The bites are typically Dutch, local products from The Hague or simply great food served in a venue with a very special story. On this tour even Dutchies will learn things they never knew about The Hague! 

This Food Tour includes:
- 7 unique locations in the city centre of The Hague*
- Plenty of food and drinks to replace a big meal
- A walking & talking local to show you the way
- Inspiring stories brought to you by local business owners
- We end with a delicious drink (and you're welcome to stay longer)

Price: €60 per person
(incl. VAT excl. 6% fee)

When: Daytime
The food tour is typically during the day and for the current availability please check our online schedule here

Where: City center
We start in front of Paleis Noordeinde underneath the big old tree

Language: English
But we can just as easily do the tour in Dutch.
(Ga hier naar de Nederlandse versie)

Amount of people: Min 2 and max 10
Bites & Stories always aims to give you the best personal experience possible. Therefore limited spots are available and in addition some of our locations simply don't fit more people ;)

Also available as: gluten-free, fish free or vegetarian
Just make sure to mention this in your booking request
and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs

If you would like to do a tour at a different time or day, or have any specific requests, we can organise a private tour custom made for your. Simply click here

Our tours can be booked until the evening before the tour. If you have a last-minute request after booking time has closed, please send us an e-mail or text and we'll try to make it happen!

*Locations may vary depending on day, weather, season, known allergies and what we think works best!